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Edible Wedding Favors – A Tasty Treat For Your Guests

If you want to give your wedding guests an enjoyable gift at your wedding then edible wedding favors are always a winner. You can of course provide savory favors which can be novel but the vast majority will prefer something sweet. Chocolate candy might not be the most elaborate gift even if it does come in a special wrapper but that does not make it any less welcome to hungry guests. Chocolate candy bars come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose something you can guarantee everyone one will appreciate. Most brides and grooms opt to have their names plus the date of their wedding printed on the wrapper and to select a wrapper design which relates to love, weddings or the specific theme of the wedding.

Just to complete the favor, why not have the picture of the bride and groom printed on the wrapper as well? If you don’t fancy chocolate then why not supply candy filled tins as an edible wedding favor alternative. Once again, it is easy to have the tin given the personal touch with the bride and grooms details on it. These tins are also useful even when the candy has been eaten as they would make great little storage containers. Most people will tuck into an edible wedding favor even if they do not normally eat candy because the occasion makes them more susceptible.

People that cannot make up their minds how to present the candy should consider placing it decorative bowl n the center of the table. You can also supply a small themed container on the table for every wedding guest. The guests can fill the containers with some of the candy from the centerpiece at the end of the evening. A good alternative to candy as an edible wedding favor is cookies which most people enjoy. By using plain cookies, it is easy to present them in a nice box with the bride and grooms names plus the date and location of the wedding.

Of course you could always go all the way and have your photos printed on the face of the cookie as well. Cookies can be baked in a variety of shapes so all that needs to be done is to supply a picture for them to imprint. Yet another option is to hand out edible wedding favors based on popular teas, coffees and cocoas. There are now many specialty brands which many people would like to try but are often afraid too and as with the other favors, there is no reason not to have special presentation boxes made up for the day. Once again, the packaging can contain information about the bride and groom and if it is a metal or plastic container it can be used at a later stage an will not go to waste. These are just a few gift ideas for your guests, I’m sure you can think of more if these do not interest you.
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Tips for the Budding Portrait Photographer

There’s this trick that every portrait photographer should learn. When you’re taking a picture that’s of and either just head or the whole upper body, it’s always a good idea to angle the shoulders, instead of positioning them so that they are even.

Yes, the shoulders don’t ever seem important when you just think about them.The thing is, even if we don’t look directly at the shoulders, every time we look at the photograph or an image, we use a quick view of the shoulders to sum up a lot about the character of the picture.

You see, the shoulders or the widest object in the picture. They help bring focus towards the face. That’s why the shoulders are important. To actually get this angled effect, it would be an idea to get the person you’re taking a picture of to lean on the wall or something. You could also ask them to stand on one foot too, and then lean on something. This kind of pose will automatically help you get into the right kind of cocked shoulder position. As an amateur portrait photographer, you need to get a bit of practice in with this.

Some portrait experts, such as Zoe Rae Photography, recommend that the angling should be done a different way – with your subject standing three-quarters facing the camera. When the near shoulder drops a little bit, you get the effect you’re looking for quite perfectly. Basically, a lot of practice should really get you a position that you like.

There are other ways to achieve power and focus for your subject, too. To create a powerful and dynamic portrait, you need to experiment with great composition, great locations and some thoughtful lighting.

There are some who say that posing just doesn’t belong in portrait photography. If a portrait is really supposed to capture a person at their best and their most natural, how is posing anything that belongs that, the reason. As usual though, there are all kinds of ways to interpret what the natural actually is. It could be what they seem like inside. If someone really is confident in certain parts of their life that are important to them, you want to post the such a way that they appear confident. Anything goes in art.

You need to learn how posing is done. Well, (it all depends on the person and the situation) you could get yourself started by experimenting with a few clichéd starter poses. For instance, if you are trying to take the portrait of someone whom you wish to show as feminine, focusing on showing only the fingers to be long and slender would be great way.

The same goes for the shoulders or the legs. With minimum the other hand, showing strength is theother way to go. Men who have their arms crossed or who hold their hands in a slight curve what they’re holding a small object often make for a masculine effect.

How to Pay for a Wedding (Hint: You Think Unconventionally)

Of course, weddings don’t have to be expensive. the Little Chapel of Love in Las Vegas is one inexpensive way. The townhall is another. And yet, people are spending an average of $30,000 on each wedding. Who pays the bill? Well, the question of how to pay for a wedding isn’t as difficult these days as it used to be. People are waiting longer and longer to get married and usually, they are able to pay at least half the bill.

Actually, they’re paying half the bill for another reason too – mom and dad aren’t in any shape with their retirement funds to pick up responsibility for the entire wedding all by themselves.

But you can actually see the entire culture changing when it comes to deciding how to pay for a wedding. Not only is it just the parents of the bride, or even the marrying couple alone, it’s also the parents of the groom. It’s a huge family thing the way expenses are spread out now.

Actually, the spreading out goes even farther. It’s now quite common for marrying couples to ask all their friends, guests and relatives to bring their wedding gifts in cash. And if they are not so comfortable with cash, they ask them for things they actually need for the wedding – the catering for the wedding or the flower arrangements for the wedding and so on. People are just throwing away the niceties and they’re just getting down to brass tacks.

For those who are wondering about how to pay for a wedding, the first thing to do is to realize that to waste not is to want not. Just cutting down on two tables for a wedding is sure to save $1000 or more. And then, there’s always the option that you could do a destination wedding.

A destination wedding saves money because if you arrange to have your wedding in your own town, of course all your friends and relatives are going to be on hand to drop in. Go to some faraway place like Aruba or something where you’re likely to go for your honeymoon, and no one’s going to come. Save for the important ones.

There are some who will say that a credit card is how to pay for a wedding when you’re falling short. But that’s not what people seem to like these days. They don’t want to start off on a new life with $15,000 worth of debt. If they don’t have enough cash for something right then, they’re just dropping the thing and going with the essentials.

How to become a Wedding Planner

Lets face it, weddings are big business. Even in these days of austerity, the average family spends about £30,000 on each wedding. And they do this even when there are cheaper unstentatious options available. There is a reason why there are more people today trying to figure out how to become a wedding planner than ever before. Weddings are big business and everyone wants a cut of that pie.

A wedding events business can be an excellent home business opportunity. It doesn’t need much in capital or investment. All it needs is a go-getting attitude, an ability to get people to do good work for you, an ability to appear persuasive and kindhearted to your clients, and knowledge of how to think on your feet when strange and alarming things happen at a wedding.

You have to notice that we aren’t talking about any actual qualifications or certifications here. If you want to know how to become a wedding planner, no one can actually teach you exactly how to do that. You just need to be a great planner, you need able see the big picture, just be a great natural-born manager, learn communication skills and so on.

You shouldn’t get into this if you don’t have the natural ability to just look at a chaotic situation and know how to take charge and bring everything under control.  A wedding can be a very emotionally-charged place. On the one hand, you have hyper-emotional wedding parties getting ready to make the commitment of their life. And of the other hand, you have all these vendors whom you need to coordinate so that you have the perfect experience for your clients. You have to do all this while you know that the only way you can get another client is through word-of-mouth. If anything should go wrong this time, you can be sure that your business is pretty much over.

So let’s say that you have everything you need to get into the planning business. Where do you start learning how to become a wedding planner? As in any kind of business, the best way to get started on your own would be to cut your teeth working for someone else. You need to find a good, competent wedding planner who is really successful in her business, who can show you the ropes while you work for her for slave labor wages.

Actually, it would even be helpful if you could practice at a catering business that does weddings. There’s a great deal of insight that you can get just working the floor and seeing how things get done.

 And then one day, you’ll have figured out how to become a wedding planner and you’ll have your first job. The best way to get into that first job would be to go in with your eyes open. The right way to accept a job would be to sign a proper written contract. Find another wedding planner and take a close look at the kind of contract they use. You could take one down to a lawyer and have them look the contract over and custom-write one for you. It shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars to get a lawyer to do that.

There’s very little you’ll need in investment money. Other than advertising costs, you first couple jobs, you don’t really need any equipment for anything. You just need the get-up-and-go.

Take Care of Your Silver and Gold

Silver  jewellery has a funny tendency to react differently when worn by different  people. Sounds strange, we know! However, it is all down to the acidic sweat  from a person and the atmosphere around them. This can react with the silver  alloy and create that black tarnished look. No need to worry about that though  and enough with the science, the best way to care for your silver is to:

  • Try not to bash or brush it  against other jewellery. This goes for all precious metals to avoid any  scratches or dints.
  • Clean your silver as  regularly as possible. You can buy silver cleaning solution from any local  jeweller.
  • Wear your silver all the  time, don’t worry about it. If it starts to tarnish get an old toothbrush out  give it a scrub and you’ll be back in business!!

Most  importantly, love your silver, wear it with pride, show it off and smile!


Gold  is an easy precious metal to take care of. Follow these guidelines and your  gold jewellery will stay in perfect condition for years and years to come:

  • It is best to keep your  jewellery in a compartmentalized jewellery box. This will prevent it from  getting scratched by other pieces you may have.
  • Remove your gold while  showering or taking a bath. Soap can create a film over the gold which can make  it appear dull and dingy!
  • We recommend you purchase a  soft jewellery polishing cloth with tarnish preventive so you can shine your  gold whenever necessary!

Warning!The  instructions above are for all gold products. If your gold contains any  diamond, pearls or opals then please contact your local jewellery for expert  cleaning services.


Diamonds  are a girls best friends! Treat them like your best friend and you’ll see the  difference:Even though they are the  hardest stone on earth they can still be chipped so be careful when doing any  rough work.They can easily scratch other  jewellery so keep them separate when not in use. A mini-grip bag or the box it  came in will be sufficient!

Lotions, moisturisers,  powders, chlorine bleach and soaps can put a film over your diamond and dull  its brilliance. This can be easily rectified by cleaning it regularly.You can buy ultrasonic  cleaners that clean at a high frequency turbulence. These are cheap and reliable and if you are serious about keeping your collection in top condition you really should get one. For more information please take a few minutes to visit one of our preferred suppliers – Just Gems in Aberdeen