With many large department stores selling anything and everything these days, you can purchase furniture almost anywhere. In fact, it is sometimes in these department stores that you’ll find the best sales and financing. However, they may not always have the best selections. Sticking to a traditional furniture store is usually the best way to find a huge selection and get the customer service that you surely deserve.

In a large and traditional furniture store, sales are often found. Granted, they may not be able to offer the same savings that the department stores are offering because of their costs, but you know that the salespeople will be attentive and professional. The furniture stores and warehouses that are local to my home are family owned. They’ve been around for a long time and it breaks my heart to see some of them struggling because of the competition that the chain stores are bringing to the table. The employees in these particular furniture stores know more about their profession than any other place you will find. However, money talks and people tend to be all about saving a few extra dollars. Not that I blame them; we all like to have more money in our pockets. But, I know that if I go to a traditional furniture store, I will be getting the kind of attention that I am seeking. I know that typically, the owners will go out of their way to cater to their customers and fix any problems that I may have. A large department store is more than happy to sell you a living room set, but when you have a problem, you’ll find that you’re given a toll-free phone number to call. I’d much rather know that I can get service and answers in the same store in which my furniture was purchased.

For example, my husband and I bought a nice dining room set from a local department store. It was a great deal and I was thrilled. However, the wrong table was delivered. The delivery guys left it there and told us to call customer service. So, I did. I was on hold for 10 minutes and then transferred to another department. That person tried to assure me that the table that was delivered was the right one. As I argued with this person, I realized that I was getting nowhere. I called my salesperson, who gave me the same customer service phone number to call. Again, I went through my spiel and after an hour, finally got someone to agree to send someone out to take the table and bring me the correct one. That didn’t happen for another two weeks. Had I purchased the table in a local furniture store, I don’t think that this problem would have occurred. And, if it had occurred, I guarantee that it would have been corrected immediately.

So, before you head into your local department store to furniture shop, give some thought to a local furniture store instead. You just save yourself some grief.

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