Finding the right gift for a teacher can be hard – as Im sure you can imagine – the gifts on this website wont really cut it. I remember when I was 16. I was confused. I had a lot of difficulties at home, and nothing seemed to be working out for me. My first relationship was a total flop, and my parents didn’t understand me. You know how it is – all of the usual complaints. There was, however, one person who was always there for me: my teacher.  The problem was that I was shy about expressing my thanks. I could not think of the right teacher gift idea.

Of course, the standby teacher gift ideas are so cliché that they are hard to take seriously. Who gives a teacher an apple? Was there a time when teacher gift ideas were confined to various pieces of fruit? In some ways, I wished that an apple was the perfect gift for a teacher. I was broke, and an apple is an excellent gift under $10. even more importantly, however, it would have been nice if there were some old standby gift that I could give my teacher that would be guaranteed to get his approval.

Looking back, I think I made the same mistake with teacher gift ideas that people always make when they try and find a gift for someone special. You see, I was so in awe of my teacher that I did not realize that the point of the gift was to express  my admiration. All in all, although some teacher gift ideas were better than others, anything that I could get him would be appreciated. From his point of view, it just felt good to be admired. Getting a gift for a teacher is a way of letting him or her know that he or she has profoundly changed your life for the better.

Nonetheless, I worried night and day over the perfect teacher gift ideas. I only decided what to get to when I heard him talking about his favorite book. He was a huge fan of Peter Beagle, and loved the story “Come Lady Death”  more than anything else. When I found out that Peter Beagle had just come out with a new book, I realized that it would make the perfect gift for a teacher. I think of all the teacher gift ideas that he got that year, he appreciated mine most of all! He must have liked it, because we have kept in touch for all of these years.

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