Lets face it, weddings are big business. Even in these days of austerity, the average family spends about £30,000 on each wedding. And they do this even when there are cheaper unstentatious options available. There is a reason why there are more people today trying to figure out how to become a wedding planner than ever before. Weddings are big business and everyone wants a cut of that pie.

A wedding events business can be an excellent home business opportunity. It doesn’t need much in capital or investment. All it needs is a go-getting attitude, an ability to get people to do good work for you, an ability to appear persuasive and kindhearted to your clients, and knowledge of how to think on your feet when strange and alarming things happen at a wedding.

You have to notice that we aren’t talking about any actual qualifications or certifications here. If you want to know how to become a wedding planner, no one can actually teach you exactly how to do that. You just need to be a great planner, you need able see the big picture, just be a great natural-born manager, learn communication skills and so on.

You shouldn’t get into this if you don’t have the natural ability to just look at a chaotic situation and know how to take charge and bring everything under control.  A wedding can be a very emotionally-charged place. On the one hand, you have hyper-emotional wedding parties getting ready to make the commitment of their life. And of the other hand, you have all these vendors whom you need to coordinate so that you have the perfect experience for your clients. You have to do all this while you know that the only way you can get another client is through word-of-mouth. If anything should go wrong this time, you can be sure that your business is pretty much over.

So let’s say that you have everything you need to get into the planning business. Where do you start learning how to become a wedding planner? As in any kind of business, the best way to get started on your own would be to cut your teeth working for someone else. You need to find a good, competent wedding planner who is really successful in her business, who can show you the ropes while you work for her for slave labor wages.

Actually, it would even be helpful if you could practice at a catering business that does weddings. There’s a great deal of insight that you can get just working the floor and seeing how things get done.

 And then one day, you’ll have figured out how to become a wedding planner and you’ll have your first job. The best way to get into that first job would be to go in with your eyes open. The right way to accept a job would be to sign a proper written contract. Find another wedding planner and take a close look at the kind of contract they use. You could take one down to a lawyer and have them look the contract over and custom-write one for you. It shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars to get a lawyer to do that.

There’s very little you’ll need in investment money. Other than advertising costs, you first couple jobs, you don’t really need any equipment for anything. You just need the get-up-and-go.

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