Of course, weddings don’t have to be expensive. the Little Chapel of Love in Las Vegas is one inexpensive way. The townhall is another. And yet, people are spending an average of $30,000 on each wedding. Who pays the bill? Well, the question of how to pay for a wedding isn’t as difficult these days as it used to be. People are waiting longer and longer to get married and usually, they are able to pay at least half the bill.

Actually, they’re paying half the bill for another reason too – mom and dad aren’t in any shape with their retirement funds to pick up responsibility for the entire wedding all by themselves.

But you can actually see the entire culture changing when it comes to deciding how to pay for a wedding. Not only is it just the parents of the bride, or even the marrying couple alone, it’s also the parents of the groom. It’s a huge family thing the way expenses are spread out now.

Actually, the spreading out goes even farther. It’s now quite common for marrying couples to ask all their friends, guests and relatives to bring their wedding gifts in cash. And if they are not so comfortable with cash, they ask them for things they actually need for the wedding – the catering for the wedding or the flower arrangements for the wedding and so on. People are just throwing away the niceties and they’re just getting down to brass tacks.

For those who are wondering about how to pay for a wedding, the first thing to do is to realize that to waste not is to want not. Just cutting down on two tables for a wedding is sure to save $1000 or more. And then, there’s always the option that you could do a destination wedding.

A destination wedding saves money because if you arrange to have your wedding in your own town, of course all your friends and relatives are going to be on hand to drop in. Go to some faraway place like Aruba or something where you’re likely to go for your honeymoon, and no one’s going to come. Save for the important ones.

There are some who will say that a credit card is how to pay for a wedding when you’re falling short. But that’s not what people seem to like these days. They don’t want to start off on a new life with $15,000 worth of debt. If they don’t have enough cash for something right then, they’re just dropping the thing and going with the essentials.

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