Silver  jewellery has a funny tendency to react differently when worn by different  people. Sounds strange, we know! However, it is all down to the acidic sweat  from a person and the atmosphere around them. This can react with the silver  alloy and create that black tarnished look. No need to worry about that though  and enough with the science, the best way to care for your silver is to:

  • Try not to bash or brush it  against other jewellery. This goes for all precious metals to avoid any  scratches or dints.
  • Clean your silver as  regularly as possible. You can buy silver cleaning solution from any local  jeweller.
  • Wear your silver all the  time, don’t worry about it. If it starts to tarnish get an old toothbrush out  give it a scrub and you’ll be back in business!!

Most  importantly, love your silver, wear it with pride, show it off and smile!


Gold  is an easy precious metal to take care of. Follow these guidelines and your  gold jewellery will stay in perfect condition for years and years to come:

  • It is best to keep your  jewellery in a compartmentalized jewellery box. This will prevent it from  getting scratched by other pieces you may have.
  • Remove your gold while  showering or taking a bath. Soap can create a film over the gold which can make  it appear dull and dingy!
  • We recommend you purchase a  soft jewellery polishing cloth with tarnish preventive so you can shine your  gold whenever necessary!

Warning!The  instructions above are for all gold products. If your gold contains any  diamond, pearls or opals then please contact your local jewellery for expert  cleaning services.


Diamonds  are a girls best friends! Treat them like your best friend and you’ll see the  difference:Even though they are the  hardest stone on earth they can still be chipped so be careful when doing any  rough work.They can easily scratch other  jewellery so keep them separate when not in use. A mini-grip bag or the box it  came in will be sufficient!

Lotions, moisturisers,  powders, chlorine bleach and soaps can put a film over your diamond and dull  its brilliance. This can be easily rectified by cleaning it regularly.You can buy ultrasonic  cleaners that clean at a high frequency turbulence. These are cheap and reliable and if you are serious about keeping your collection in top condition you really should get one. For more information please take a few minutes to visit one of our preferred suppliers – Just Gems in Aberdeen

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