If you want to give your wedding guests an enjoyable gift at your wedding then edible wedding favors are always a winner. You can of course provide savory favors which can be novel but the vast majority will prefer something sweet. Chocolate candy might not be the most elaborate gift even if it does come in a special wrapper but that does not make it any less welcome to hungry guests. Chocolate candy bars come in so many varieties it can be difficult to choose something you can guarantee everyone one will appreciate. Most brides and grooms opt to have their names plus the date of their wedding printed on the wrapper and to select a wrapper design which relates to love, weddings or the specific theme of the wedding.

Just to complete the favor, why not have the picture of the bride and groom printed on the wrapper as well? If you don’t fancy chocolate then why not supply candy filled tins as an edible wedding favor alternative. Once again, it is easy to have the tin given the personal touch with the bride and grooms details on it. These tins are also useful even when the candy has been eaten as they would make great little storage containers. Most people will tuck into an edible wedding favor even if they do not normally eat candy because the occasion makes them more susceptible.

People that cannot make up their minds how to present the candy should consider placing it decorative bowl n the center of the table. You can also supply a small themed container on the table for every wedding guest. The guests can fill the containers with some of the candy from the centerpiece at the end of the evening. A good alternative to candy as an edible wedding favor is cookies which most people enjoy. By using plain cookies, it is easy to present them in a nice box with the bride and grooms names plus the date and location of the wedding.

Of course you could always go all the way and have your photos printed on the face of the cookie as well. Cookies can be baked in a variety of shapes so all that needs to be done is to supply a picture for them to imprint. Yet another option is to hand out edible wedding favors based on popular teas, coffees and cocoas. There are now many specialty brands which many people would like to try but are often afraid too and as with the other favors, there is no reason not to have special presentation boxes made up for the day. Once again, the packaging can contain information about the bride and groom and if it is a metal or plastic container it can be used at a later stage an will not go to waste. These are just a few gift ideas for your guests, I’m sure you can think of more if these do not interest you.
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